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Here you can find latest information, news and interesting facts about my performances, events and plans.
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New Dates – Summer 2022

Created on 7th July 2022

Feel free to visit the following events where I perform live:

  • July, 8th 2022 3pm – Krems: Schmiedl bookstore with star violinist Hannes Welsch.

  • July, 9th 2022 9am until 12am – Krems: Musical walk through the old town followed by a morning pint (DE "Frühschoppen") at the parish church in the line-up with accordion, guitar and bass.

  • July, 21st 2022 2pm until 5pm – Krems: Musical walk through the old town.

Prominent guests

Created on 11th July 2022

During my appearances, prominent guests also drop by from time to time, such as our retired governor Dr. Erwin Pröll. It was a pleasure for me!

Musicians together with Dr. Erwin Pröll

Photo: Karl Wepper

Musiker am Ruder

Created on 7th July 2022

As a solo entertainer, I am not only musically at the helm, but also sometimes take the upper hand on the big ships.


Photo: Karl Wepper

70. Birthday

Created on 7th July 2022

Although I am celebrating my 70th birthday this year, I am musically more active than ever - I have fun and it gives me strength to bring visitors from all over the world closer to the Wachau and its culture and thus bring them joy!

I was also interviewed by the local newspaper. Thanks for great interview!


Photo: Karl Wepper

"Heurigen"-evening in the Klosterhof

Created on 10th December 2020

Experience an evening in the rustic spirit of the Wachau. With the history of Wachau costumes and traditional songs, our musician Karl enlivens the historic premises of the Klosterhof.

The evening includes:

  • Musical reception for the guests
  • Guided tour through the historical monastery courtyard
  • Snack plate with original Wachauer Laberl
  • 1/8 Grüner Veltliner Steinfeder
  • Digestive schnapps/liqueur
  • Musical entertainment (approx. 2 hours)

Here you can download the official invitation as PDF .

10 Years Sounds of the Wachau

Created on 10th December 2020

For music there are no age limits, with this motto Karl Wepper makes music with accordion, trumpet, keyboard and vocals.
Music already played a big role in my younger years. I was a member of the Trachtenkapelle Emmersdorf. In 1965 I founded my first dance band "The Dreams", later it became the "Donautal Quintett". After the departure and change of some colleagues, the "Donautal Quartett" was formed. Due to professional reasons the line-up changed again and again until I finally went my musical way alone as "Karls Happy Sound".

As a teacher at the music school I was able to pass on my musical knowledge to many students. and as deputy choirmaster I was also in charge of the Emmersdorf choir for some time. For almost 20 years now I have been offering special events for tourists. In the traditional costume of the Wachau i present the well known or already forgotten Wachau songs to the travelers. "Sounds of the Wachau" was founded 10 years ago and the demand for my musical work has increased steadily over the last few years. In the meantime, I entertain about 20,000 tourists every year.

In 2016 I even started a film project with "Sounds of the Wachau". The result was a musical tour through the Wachau, which is available on CD and DVD in selected regional shops. Both recordings were sponsored by Lower Austrian Culture and praised by Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner. In 2017 I shot a short film with ORF (Austrian broadcast corporation) for the programme "Zurück zur Natur" (Back to Nature), soon after which ARD (German broadcast corporation) also took notice of me. The most beautiful places in the Wachau were chosen as the filming locations for both films, whereby I also gave a small glimpse into my private studio.

In 2018, the first oversea TV recording followed, which was broadcast on Chinese television. In the same year, "Sound of the Wachau" represented represented our beautiful cultural landscape in the TV series "Courier of the Emperor".

However, my musical interest is not only the Wachau folk songs, I am also a member of the Jazz Brass Ensemble "Lewinger Gigal" as 1st trumpet player. Also to be mentioned are my performances in front of international guests at the Stieglbräu in Salzburg, at "Kunst im Garten" in Melk and on the nostalgic train Kaiser Franz Josef from Vienna to Bratislava. I was supported by other musicians with various instruments and vocals. An invitation to China has already been extended by a Chinese music director, Perhaps "Sounds of the Wachau" will be allowed to represent our beautiful homeland in the Middle Kingdom soon.


Image: Karl Wepper

Käsekirtag at Maria Taferl

Created on 10th November 2019

At the annual cheese festival in Maria Taferl, Sounds of the Wachau is a must. Together with my colleague Franz Derfler, I provided the musical accompaniment while we tasted a wide variety of regional delicacies and had many great conversations.


Image: Karl Wepper