Sounds of the wachau

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Sounds of the Wachau

In his live performances in the Wachau, Karl Wepper presents in national costume, traditional songs from the region. Included here as well, are some of his own songs in German and English.

On the water

A ship ride through the Wachau has always been an essential part of our local culture. Its influence can be found in many of the traditional Wachau songs. For example: "River Crossing" (Überführn) "The Ship Veers Away from Land" (Das Schifflein schwingt sich dauni vom Land)

Songs with expression

The first two songs on the CD Sounds of the Wachau Vol. 2 are marvelous musical expressions in 3/4, 4/4 time, and Yodels. For example:
"The Emmersdorf Ländler (folk dance)" (Der Ländler aus Emmersdorf), "Reveries from Wachau" (Traumereien aus der Wachau)